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In 1983, D & G Construction was founded by Denise and Greg Branaugh, as a minority business sole proprietorship engaged in the sawing and sealing of concrete pavements as a subcontractor in the highway construction industry. Unable to secure financing, the only equipment the Company owned was a 1976 Chevy pickup and rented necessary other equipment as needed from local vendors. 

While very lean, the first couple of years were sawing, sealing and some joint repair subcontracts. With an office in their home and no shop for equipment, everything was stored in their garage. It was late in the second year that D & G Concrete Construction successfully completed its first curb and gutter subcontract of 600 lineal feet. The first two years gross revenues combined were less than $100,000. 

In subsequent years, D & G Concrete Construction moved out of the subcontracting of sawing and sealing and began to move into the curb and gutter and concrete paving industry. Also, in 1985, the purchase of a shop building east of Sioux Falls became home to the Company.

In the fall of 1991, a fire destroyed the shop east of Sioux Falls. Four acres of land was purchased and a nine thousand square foot shop with offices was built. In 1992, the office was moved out of the home into the new building and D&G Concrete Construction, Inc. officially opened at 1408 East 39th Street North in Sioux Falls, SD. A second nine thousand square foot shop was added in 1998 at the same location.

In 1986, D & G Concrete was successful bidder on the largest contract at that time of $400,000 to reconstruct Douglas Ave. in Yankton, SD. The next year brought the second largest contract of $630,000 to reconstruct Louise Ave. for the City of Sioux Falls between the Empire and Empire East Malls. Since then, major paving projects have been completed on 22nd Street, 26th Street, 41st Street, Kiwanis Avenue, and 10th, 11th, 12th Streets in Sioux Falls, projects for the BIA in Wagner, Rosebud and White River, the Dakotadome Parking Lot and various streets in Yankton and Vermillion. In 1992, D & G Concrete Construction successfully completed its third largest contract, 10th and 11th Street reconstruction in Sioux Falls at a contract price of $2.3 million. In 1996, the Company completed the second largest project to date, Highway 81 in Yankton at a contract price of $5.1 million. In 2000, the Company completed its largest contract, $11.1 million, Minnesota Avenue and Benson Road in Sioux Falls.  In 2005-2006, 10th, 11th, and 12th Streets in Sioux Falls, an $8 million contract was completed.  In 2007, an $8.4 million reconstruction of Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls was completed. In 2008-2009, an $11 million reconstruction of Cherry Street in Vermillion, SD was completed.

In 2019 the company was awarded the largest project to date, an $37 million contract to reconstruct 26th Street, Southeastern Avenue at included constructing a bridge over the Big Sioux River and the existing Bridge in Sioux Falls. 

D & G Concrete Construction, an Associated General Contractor, has received many quality awards for projects and public relations. Five Build With the Best Awards from the AGC, seven Dacotah Cement/Ready Mix Association Quality Awards and four South Dakota Quality Initiative Awards have been achieved. The Company continues to commit to quality and integrity. While promoting jobsite safety, the Company has received numerous AGC Safety Awards.