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85th Street Improvements
Louise Avenue to Tuscan Club Circle
Sioux Falls, SD 
Bid Request #18-1042  CIP #11089


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Project:  85th Street Improvements
              Louise Avenue to Tuscan Club Circle

Owner:  City of Sioux Falls, SD

Contract Amount:  $2,877,408.66

Project Engineer:
          DGR Engineering
          2909 East 57th St.,  Sioux Falls, SD  57108 
          Phone: 339-4157
          Email: gabriel.laber@dgr.com  

Prime Contractor
          D&G Concrete Construction, Inc.
          1408 East 39th Street North, Sioux Falls, SD  57104
          Phone:  338-8597 Fax:  338-9502
          Company President/Owner:   Gregory Branaugh

Information Specialist:
          Greg Branaugh   Phone:  338-8597   Cell Phone:  366-7743
          Joan Lund          Phone:  338-8597   Cell Phone:  359-7463

Project Superintendent:
          Greg Branaugh     Cell: 366-7743     Brad Auch            Cell: 366-5718
          Mat Branaugh      Cell: 595-4858     Conrad Jennesse    Cell: 413-7750

Traffic Control Contact:
          Construction Signing Corporation  Phone: 373-9009
          Contact Daily Maintenance: Project Superintendant

Erosion Control Supervisor:
          Yellow Jacket Irrigation & Landscaping  Phone: 605-231-0717
          Contact:    Shane